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The Glenwood Retirement Village

Created in 1963, the Glenwood Retirement Home Foundation provides a platform for public and private donations that are delegated to the enrichment of our residents.  Our board of directors is made up of 10 area churches, and they make those delegations with the residents needs and comfort in mind. Some donations are made directly to different funds/memorials and used for specific projects/activities.  An example of some funds are: Activities, Chapel, Courtyard, Education, Employee Appreciation, Nursing, and the GRV Van.  Any undesignated funds are delegated by the board to enrich the day to day lives of the residents.


Every year Glenwood Retirement Village holds a Fundraiser to direct giving to the Foundation.  Each year a different designation is chosen to fulfill our mission to serve others with excellence, enhancing their quality of life through innovative health, housing, spiritual, and social services. An example of past giving is our two-person bicycle that was purchased for our activities department. Our residents love the time that they spend on it with our employees riding around with them.


The Foundation helps raise funds for special projects not reimbursable under the daily per diem rate paid by residents.

All gifts to the foundation are tax deductible. Gifts come in the traditional cash/check donations and non-traditional giving as well.  Some forms of non-traditional giving would be to include the Foundation as a recipient of any retirement or endowment funds.  Please talk with your financial planner on how you can set up the Foundation as a recipient of such generous gifts. If you would like more information on estate giving, memorials, endowments, and other special planned giving opportunities, contact the Glenwood Retirement Village for details.


Brenda Boogren

(320) 634-5765

Affiliated Churches

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